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MICE access develops from the MICE portal to the GDS (Global Distribution System) of the MICE industry.

(Norderstedt, 11/16/2018) Which country is actually the innovation driver in the international MICE industry? Is it the United States? Is it China? Far from it! The greatest innovations for the MICE industry are increasingly “made in Germany”.

In recent years, the industry in Germany has undergone a major transformation, digitizing more and more processes that were previously purely offline. In this environment, more and more service and technology providers have emerged who want to offer great added value to both the booking customer and the service providers in form of hotels and locations.

Almost every day new websites and portals are created on which the service providers of the MICE industry can present themselves. But exactly this development creates new, hugh problems. Hotels, hotel chains and locations have to maintain more and more portals and to learn how to use them. This causes immense costs in which the cost-benefit factor is often not given.

MICE access recognized this major problem at a very early stage and in recent years has made great strides to become the leading distribution system for the MICE industry. The industry’s service providers value MICE access highly, because with the operation and maintenance of only one entry, each service provider is currently marketed on nearly 100 different conference portals and websites worldwide. In addition, leading agencies and corporate travel services use MCE access’s technology and inventory.



MICE Distribution

The tourism industry shows the way! Meanwhile, there are only a few real sources from which the numerous different travel deals worldwide are retrieved and marketed on thousands of travel portals and in thousands of travel agencies worldwide.

MICE access CEO Sven Bergerhausen

The Managing Director of MICE access, Sven Bergerhausen, who founded the company more than 11 years ago, is confident:

“This development will also take place in the MICE industry!

We made a conscious decision at a very early stage to supply different providers with content and technology and therefore decided not to set up our own marketplace and the corresponding contact to the end customer. That was certainly a riskier and I am quite honest, also very stony way, because we are of course very dependent on our distribution partners.

Nevertheless, I am 100% sure that it is the right way to position myself centrally and globally between service providers and distributors. This year so many large, renowned providers have chosen our system as their source for hotel content and availability like never before. If you’re looking to Google today for “convention hotels” in any destination, it’s very likely that more than half of the providers that appear there are working with our data and technology in the background.”

After MICE access in 2018 put a large focus on the connection of national partners, the year 2019 is marked by internationalization. Already at the beginning of the year, MICE access will connect to one of the world’s leading travel agency systems and thus be able to offer more than 60,000 travel agencies access to the international MICE business. This huge reach and the transparent processes in the MICE access system have convinced almost all international hotel groups that have been actively supporting MICE access and its development for many years.

It will be interesting to see how the company from the greater Hamburg area, which has digitized and automated almost all processes, will continue to develop.

About MICE access

MICE access is the global distribution platform for the MICE market and the leading provider of white label technology for MICE agencies, travel agencies, event agencies, travel portals and hotel chains.

MICE access’s state-of-the-art interface solution (JSON API) gives international distribution partners maximum flexibility in creating their own MICE booking portals.

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