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Would you like to receive up to 85% more requests and bookings via MICE access? Then choose one of our Premium Options now in addition to your free hotel entry!

Overview of the Premium Options:



























TOP Ranking
Secure a place at the top of customer search results. Your venue will be the first to appear to the customer.

Personal customer contact
You get direct access to the personal contact data of the end customers.

Rotary marketing
Your venue will be published on all our online presences through rotating marketing.

TOP position
Would you like the customer to decide for you after submitting their offer? Your premium status will make you appear at the top of the offer overview.

70% commission
When using share it, instead of 55%, you receive a full 70% of the commission generated by the booking.

Booking Garantee
We will pay you 500€ cashback if you have not received at least one definitive booking within the period of validity.

Promotion of a special
By booking the Premium Option Gold, we additionally promote your special promotion on Facebook, Xing and our partner newsletter. We also offer you the opportunity to post your promotion on our Blog.

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