Additional Marketing Benefits

Choose your additional marketing benefits

You have the possibility to place a banner of your choice in the customer and agency backend of MICE access! Of course you determine the design of your banner yourself. The conversion goal of the banner is to generate additional inquiries for your hotel or for the hotels of your chain through a maximum presence with all customers and agencies. The customers will be directed via your banner directly into the online RFP process of MICE access and corresponding white-label partner portals.

Size Options: 220px x 220px or 728px x 90px

Languages: German and English

Price per banner placement: : 800 € plus VAT. (per banner/month)

Duration: Quarterly / 3 months

Tracking: Yes, via Google Analytics Code

Note: Your banner will appear on and on all White-Lapel partner portals such as (reach approx. 10,000 impressions).

You have the possibility to place a banner of your choice in our monthly newsletter! You determine the target url and the design of the banner yourself.

Size Options: 820px x 312px, 600px x 200px, 728px x 90px

Price: 99 € plus VAT (per banner/month)

Duration: 1x per month

Note: Our monthly newsletter is sent by e-mail to 70 current partners, who in turn serve more than 16,000 customers.

You have the opportunity to place a special promotion (e.g. a conference special) as an article in our monthly partner newsletter, on our social media channels (facebook and Xing), or on our blog anyway!

For this you have the possibility to promote a text with 300-500 words, a picture and a backlink or a target url of your choice.

Price: 399 € plus VAT (per promotion)

Inclusive services: Publication in the MICE access Partner Newsletter, on the MICE access Facebook page, on the MICE access XING page and in the MICE access Blog

Duration: one-time


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