MICE access – share it – an idea becomes reality

sharing is caring! – “sharing” meeting requests instead of “canceling” them, this is made possible by the new function share it by MICE access. Rejected direct requests become a business for the hotelier.

MICE access – share it

MICE access – share it allows hoteliers to forward offline direct requests they can not serve. The aim is to pass on these requests to other hotels, which can provide free capacities and thus provide the customer with a suitable venue. To use this feature within MICE access, hotels only need a free entry to MICE access and a short sign up to share it. After the simple registration, the hotelier can directly request up to 10 hotels. True to the motto: hotels for hotels.

A clear advantage for the hotelier is the fair commission sharing. With each successful mediation (reservation), the hotelier gets paid a commission. Thus, from the rejected business, a monetary advantage can be drawn.

Background to the business idea

The aim is not to convey customers and business to competitors, but to offer the customer an unprecedented service. The willingness to find a solution for the acute request creates even greater customer loyalty between the hotel and the customer, and the hotelier underlines his MICE expertise to the customer.

Sven Bergerhausen, CEO of MICE access and initiator of the idea, is euphoric about the implementation: “The idea came to me in 2015. However, at that time we did not have the reach and the resources to make the project a reality. Now we have not only that, but also the acceptance of the market. I really appreciate the implementation of share it and I think that hoteliers in particular will be more involved in digitizing the MICE industry.”

Successful test phase

MICE access has already been able to launch a successful test phase with selected hotels and has been able to refine the product through the experience of the hotels. Thanks to the intensive cooperation with the hotels, share it can now fully meet the needs of hoteliers.

Register for “share it”

Would you like to use “share it” as a hotelier? Then log in to your hotel backend at MICE access. There you will find the navigation point share it.

Your hotel is not yet registered with MICE access? Then you can register your hotel here for free.

share it FAQ

1. What happens if I have successfully sent a request to the selected hotels?
Hotels will receive an e-mail notification of a new request, and hotel feedback is usually received within a few hours. Quotations and cancellations are sent directly to your customer by e-mail.

2. Who is responsible for the feedback of the requested hotels?
The time required for an enquiry is only about 2 to 3 minutes. MICE access ensures that the feedback from the requested hotels is received and that your customer automatically receives the offers.

3. Is the customer informed about the procedure?
Of course, you have the customer’s permission to pass his request on to other hotel companies. The customer will be informed about the request and all incoming offers or cancellations directly by e-mail.

4. Can the customer also enter inquiries himself?
Of course, the customer can also enter his inquiry himself. By creating the customer receives access data for share it. The customer can therefore log in independently, make an enquiry and book the offer. As soon as the customer has booked, you will of course also receive a commission for this.

5. What happens if the customer makes an inquiry on his own? Will I be informed?
Of course they are always informed. If the customer makes an enquiry or books an offer, you will always be kept informed by e-mail.

6. Who takes care of the commission statement?
You also have no effort when it comes to commission settlement. MICE access settles the commission for your bookings worldwide. You will automatically receive a credit note with your commission once a month. Your commission is to be seen as a kind of “affiliate commission”.

7. Can I also use “share it” as a hotel chain?
MICE access “share it” is also available as a white label solution for hotel chains. A large German hotel chain has been using “share it” very successfully for many months. If you are interested in a white label solution for your hotel chain, please contact us.

8. The customer has booked an offer, what now?
The hotel booked sends a contract to the customer. This contract contains all booked services once again. MICE access support will take care of obtaining the contract.

9. The offer is a live offer, how does it work?
Basically, a live offer works for you just like a conventional offer. The offers are created via an interface to Expedia and are based on the prices that the hotels have entered there. This offer can only be booked as long as the hotel has availability. If a customer books this live offer, a separate contract is no longer necessary, because by clicking on “Book” a legally binding booking is made. The customer then receives an online booking confirmation containing all booked services.


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