RFP Automation – A Revolution in the MICE Industry!

MICE access merges the proven RFP procedure for conference enquiries with live prices and availability of the so-called “instant booking” process. The result is a hybrid request process:

If live data is available for a requested hotel and the respective event configuration, the offer is automatically generated and immediately presented to the event planner. If no offer can be generated, the conference enquiry will be sent to the selected hotel using the proven RFP procedure. MICE access and the Expedia Group have been working together on the development of RFP automation for over 6 months now.

Win-win for conference hotels and event planners
The solution is particularly suitable for smaller, uncomplex events. Hotels that use the Expedia Group’s MICE solution benefit from the fact that they do not have to invest time in preparing offers. You submit your conference offer automatically, based on your set dynamic prices and availability. This creates capacities in the event offices that can be invested in the processing of large, more economical events. Event planners are pleased about offers which are available for the affiliated hotels immediately after sending the inquiry and cover the need to 100%. Long waiting times for offers are hardly accepted anymore.

Successful test phase
The first experience of the test phase with selected hotels and event planners is very positive and promising. The automated offers already achieve identical conversions as manual offers and all this without any effort for the hotels. By optimizing offers, presentation and pricing, automated offers should even achieve better conversions in the future than manual offers. The test phase is currently being extended to hundreds of other hotels in Germany. The first hotels outside Germany are also in the starting blocks.

Sven Bergerhausen, Managing Director of MICE access GmbH is enthusiastic about this new technology:
“With the help of our technology partner, the Expedia Group, and our hospitality partners, we are very pleased to be the first MICE platform to offer this new process. Already at the beginning of 2017, we announced that we would fully integrate an instant booking process. However, we did not think at the time that this integration would be so innovative. We are also
clearly benefiting from the technological advances made by the Expedia Group that were not so obvious to us at the beginning of 2017. When choosing the partner, we placed great emphasis on the international orientation and international ambitions of the partner. We are expanding very much abroad and have a lot of international business, so it was very important for us to be
able to optimize processes internationally.”

About MICE access:
MICE access – The MICE Channel Manager!
MICE access offers a comfortable platform for international hotel bookings with a focus on the MICE (Meetings Incentives Conventions Events) segment. MICE access is offered exclusively as a white label solution for providers and agencies and is the German market leader in this area. MICE access is a kind of “channel manager” of the MICE industry. Customers of the “White Label Solution” can find and book hotels for business trips, conferences and trade fair appearances online via the platform. With personal access, customers can request and book more than 15,000 group and conference hotels worldwide (online RFP process). In addition, it is possible to book hotel rooms directly in more than 500,000 hotels worldwide (instant booking process).

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