MICE access files for bankruptcy following the global corona crisis

Update from May 12th, 2020: Great demand for MICE access GmbH takeover – Centuros M&A commissioned. There is movement in the bankruptcy proceedings of MICE access GmbH. The provisional insolvency administrator Dr. Hagen von Diepenbroick starts the M&A process together with the restoration specialists from Centuros.

Update from April 24, 2020: Provisional insolvency administrator in the MICE access GmbH procedure has been determined. Dr. Hagen von Diepenbroick was designated by the Norderstedt District Court as the provisional insolvency administrator in the MICE access GmbH insolvency proceedings.

After the management of MICE access GmbH filed an application for the opening of insolvency proceedings at the responsible local court in Norderstedt last week, the provisional insolvency administrator has now been determined.

Contact details of the provisional insolvency administrator of MICE access GmbH:

Münzel & Böhm
Rechtsanwälte Steuerberater PartG mbB
Moorfuhrtweg 11
22301 Hamburg

Dr. Hagen from Diepenbroick
Tel: +49 40 6505259-0
Fax: +49 40 6505259-59

Dr. von Diepenbroick is supported from his team and from MICE access managing director Sven Bergerhausen. The goal is to quickly and completely refurbish the MICE access business.

Release from April 16. 2020:

We are all going through hard times at the moment. The consequences of the coronavirus have an impact on the entire global economy and result in an almost complete standstill of many industries. One of these industries is the meeting and event industry, in which our company has firmly established itself over the past 13 years.

The exit restrictions, bans on events, travel warnings and all other consequences of the rapid spread of the coronavirus resulted in a cancellation or a rescheduling of almost every event since March 2020. The few events that took place occurred with significantly fewer participants.

Like all brokers and booking platforms MICE access is financed from commissions, which are based on a percentage of the sales of the events arranged. If no events take place or the sales of the booked events are reduced significantly, our company earns little or no money.

In addition, our hotel and venue partners themselves fear and fight for their economic survival and existence due to the Corona Crisis as well. The needs of the service providers are obviously so great that they can no longer pay our outstanding claims or can only pay them very late.

It is with great regret that we have to inform you today that the above reasons led to an inability to pay for the MICE access GmbH at very short notice. As a result of the inability to pay, the management of MICE access GmbH has filed for bankruptcy at the district court in Norderstedt.

Many other companies and livelihoods on the part of our distribution partners depend on the availability of our technical solutions. We very much hope that regulations ensuring the continued existence of our technical solutions in the market will be put in place as soon as possible in order to offer a secure future to the parties depending on those.

Sven Bergerhausen
(CEO MICE access GmbH)



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